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Premium Serenity Drip Tips
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Premium Serenity Drip Tips (60)
 These are my Serenity drip tips only made out of nicer and more expencive materials then i normaly use giving them that extra touch of class. 
Standard Serenity Drip Tips (66)
These are the standard acrylics Serenity drip tips. they have a 3/16" bore stepped up to about 1/4" in the top part. they use 2 orings 
Bentenmaru Tips (36)
   these drip tips are designed specificaly to fit the billet box. tho they will fit anything that uses a standard 510 tip size. they have a 1/8" straight bore and use 2 buna orings.
House Serenity (7)
These are blanks i make myself in house from scratch. The only place to get these drip tips is from me or one of the vendors that carrys my products.
One Off (17)
 These are shaped by hand so no 2 will ever be the same. Once one is sold. It will not be remade a similar style may or may not be done in the future but exactly the same is imposible. 2x orings, 1/8" bore.
House Bentenmaru (2)
hand machined from hand made in house resins.
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